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Over 20 Years of Experience

In 2000, Andrew Cole formed AWC Business Solutions, in Adelaide. Having previously been working in large and small organizations in the sales/marketing and personal development areas for nearly 20 years.

Andrew, who has always had a belief that “good service can lead to sales” began consulting to small business. Using these principles, AWC Business Solutions’ services have expanded and the business is now a Registered Training Organisation.

In 2003, Bruce Noblett, who has a history in Sales Management and family business joined with Andrew to cater for the increased demand.

In 2017 Brendan Hocking has bought over 20 years of training experience to the AWC team. They are now providing services to a wide range of clients who are happy with the results. Brendan also has his own consulting business in the same fields (

We work in an “action orientated” way to assist our clients achieving their desired outcomes, over agreed time periods.

Our vision is quite simple:

“ to provide high quality training and coaching services to individuals, adding value to themselves and their organisations, and having a respected reputation with clients.”

Meeting The Team

Andrew Cole

Andrew Cole

CEO / Trainer / Coach

Andrew Cole has been working in large and small organizations around Australia in the sales/marketing and personal development areas for over 20 years. Two of his previous large employers have been Nestle and Tetra Pak.

During these times Andrew has managed multi-million dollar businesses, managed staff and coordinated business activities all over Australia. All of these experiences are “hands-on” and these experiences are incorporated in the training and coaching sessions he facilitates.

In 2000, Andrew formed AWC Business Solutions, in Adelaide. They have been delivering high impact coaching and training services for large and small businesses. Andrew’s experience and communication style help organizations and individuals undertake training programs to achieve their pre-agreed outcomes.
He is personable and undertakes consulting and training activities that are effective, informative interactive and, where appropriate, fun. His passion is seeing organizations and people take control of their situations, make positive changes and achieve their goals.

He lives in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife and 2 daughters.

Bruce Noblett

Bruce Noblett

Trainer / Coach

Bruce Noblett has worked in many organisations both large and small before teaming up with AWC in 2003. His working life has involved considerable and varied experience in the areas of management, sales and administration in wholesale, retail, and the professional services industry. More recently he has worked in the Information Technology industry.

During his working life, Bruce has dealt with many organisations both at local and national level and where necessary has made it his focus to understand the detail of their business so he could be sure of providing them with the results they need to achieve in order to be successful in their own right.

Bruce has had considerable success in managing teams by adopting a common-sense approach that is based on a consultative style and he brings these skills with him when delivering training services to both large and small clients.

Bruce is passionate about having input into the ongoing development of Businesses & their most important asset, their people.