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Elliott Errington
Manager – Tyco Flow Control South Australia

“………Having now completed a substantial amount of the course, I have found it to be relevant to our needs, and it has certainly contributed to the knowledge base and team spirit within the office.

Andrew’s presentation style is professional, but at the same time friendly and helpful.

I am sure that the staff will benefit from the experience and with the added bonus of achieving a nationally recognised qualification……”

Michael Chalmers
Managing Director – Add Value Concepts

“……Our staff has found Andrew‘s training and assessment sessions very worthwhile. He has adapted his experience and knowledge to enable the content to be relevant to our specific industry. I am comfortable with Andrew’s ability, so much so that we have been doing some extra training with him after the completion of the Certificate.

I have been pleased with the overall outcomes of the course. I would recommend Andrew as a professional and competent trainer in this area…..”

Toni Tuccia
HR Coordinator – ETSA Utilities

“……As a project coordinator, I have found Andrew to be extremely accessible and his customer service to be excellent…..”

“……As a trainer I found his sessions to be enjoyable and he is able to communicate his messages well to all types of people. He also has an ability to adapt his experience and knowledge to enable the content to be relevant to our industry…..”

Michael Costa
Manager Mannix Air Kidman Park Director

"A personal thanks for running a professional training program for our consultants.

We have seen our sales increase over the last few months since we have started the training program. And it's due to your companies commitment to delivering on your promises and expectations.

Look forward to continuing our association in the future so that we can keep developing our staff."

Carolyn Cagney
5 Star Grafx - Director

“5 Star Grafx have been using Andrew Cole and AWC Business Solutions for the past 3 years as a training provider for our sales people. We have found that the training is very relevant to our needs and is applied to the context of the printing industry.

The results have been pleasing with not only sales skills learned in training rooms but sales targets measured by Business Plans which our staff compile. All skills learned are valuable for sales people beyond the length of the course. The courses are very 'hands on' and our reps use what they learn in their everyday jobs.

Finally the service and flexibility Andrew gives makes it very easy to do business with.”

Scott Hicks
Adam Internet – Managing Director

“…we have found the training is very relevant to our needs and is applied to the context of the internet industry”

“… we now use them as an external provider for our new staff….”

“….Andrew and Bruce are very easy to deal with and customer focussed….”



Natalie Burgan
Hardy Wine Company

“……..Andrew, a big thank you to yourself also. Your encouragement and support in helping me complete my studies is much appreciated. The experience has been very rewarding and I have gained valuable information which I will use in the future….”

Nathan Thompson
Add Value Concepts – Sales Manager

“….the Business Planning section was very beneficial…….”
“ …..there was great support with the work out of sessions…..”
“…the quality of the training was exceptional…..”
“…. The course taught me a lot more than I expected….”

Bodie Williams
Discount City Carpets – Sales Representative

“….every sales person should attend this course….”
“…keep up the fantastic work!”

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